My Best Travel Story
My Best Travel Story
  • Sang-Jo Kim, Sophomore, Engineer
  • 승인 2010.10.04 20:09
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My Osaka Journey My first overseas trip with friends! I planned everything on my own without the help of my parents. The cruise to Osaka caused me to feel a great deal of exhilaration. I could not help going by boat because I decided to take the trip suddenly, so there were no plane seats available. The cruise took about 17 hours, and finally I arrived in Osaka. Initially I was doubtful and I asked myself, "Am I really here in Japan?" So I went down to the subway station to get to my hotel, at that point the reality hit me that I was really there. We stayed at a hotel in downtown Osaka. After we unpacked our bags, we went to Nanba station to go to Osaka Castle. Because Nanba station is located in the heart of downtown Osaka, we wanted to leave and see other parts of the city. But we were so excited by all of the sights there that we had a hard time leaving. After we looked around for a long time, we finally headed for the station because we could not delay any more. Osaka Castle was big and grand, but for me it was not about the history of Japan, I just thought it was cool. When we arrived at Tennoji Park, it was already closing time. So we went back to the hotel to take a break and then we headed to Umeda to see and experience the night life. The night scape was too gorgeous and beautiful to describe with words. Great rivers running through urban centers reminds me of the Han River in Seoul. We had an unforgettable night and we headed back to the hotel. Before we entered the hotel, we saw that downtown was much different at night than it was in the afternoon. The difference was amazing. There were more young people gathered about and it was more energetic and dynamic than the afternoon. On the second day, we dropped by Kyoto and Nara. Compared to the level of the activity in Osaka, the quiet Japanese countryside provides a time to escape from the busy and crowded city. Kyoto has a similar feel to Gyeongju in Korea. The city contains many cultural and historic sites. Among them, we visited Kiyomizu Temple and the Silver Pavilion. The Silver Pavilion is famous for its neat garden and Kiyomizu Temple is known for its landscape gardening and splendid palace. Then we went to Nara Park which is famous for its deer. In the park, the deer ran around freely. I had never seen a deer close up. When I saw a deer close up, I was surprised. In the evening, we returned back to Osaka, I enjoyed dinner at the 'Cibo Elegance' restaurant which is famous for Ohkonomiyakki. And I finished my last night in Osaka. I will never forget this city which represents the unique and diverse personalities of the Japanese who showed great kindness during my time there.

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