No. 311 Letter Gu-Yup Kwon
No. 311 Letter Gu-Yup Kwon
  • Gu-Yup Kwon
  • 승인 2010.05.18 11:35
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Gu-Yup Kwon

Junior, English Language & Literature

My first impression after I received this magazine was it smells bad. It had a chemical smell. For this reason, right after I got it, I was reluctant to read it. In the next issue, the publishers should take care of it. In addition, I think, the ‘Observer’ should mark the main topics on the cover page like most of the other magazines to make students more curious. Also, most of the content focused on the 2011 IAFF in Daegu, so I thought it might be a special edition for the 2011 IAFF in Daegu. However, the other content was pretty good. It contained a lot of news from on and off campus. The Interviews of foreign students were really good to do as the magazine’s role. With the editors’ and writer’s devotion, the YNO is doing well as a bridge between foreign students and Korean students.

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