Obesity Clinic in Health Care Center
Obesity Clinic in Health Care Center
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Obesity Clinic in Health Care CenterLast March 22nd to 26th, the Health Care Center gathered students who wanted to participate in an Obesity Clinic program. This program is being run by the Health Care Center of the University that was constructed by Hyo-Su Lee, the President of Yeungnam University. They chose 30 students among 100 applicants who fall into the category of obesity. This program will be run from March 29th to June 18th. The students who participate in this program will receive diet and exercise assistance from experts every Tuesday, and the first and third Thursday of every month. Each activity is given to students based on their condition, and medical therapy will be given to students with more severe problems. The expenses for this program are being paid by the students' health plan premiums. Through this program, I hope that YU will become the Health University.

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