Eco-Campus with The Yeungnam Observer
Eco-Campus with The Yeungnam Observer
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  • 승인 2010.05.18 10:55
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Conducting an Eco-Campus Campaign

On Monday, May 3rd, YU Press handed out 300 handkerchiefs to students at the Central Library and 300 at the Science Library, and we also gathered 600 students' signatures for the eco-campus campaign.

The volume of tissues and electricity consumption which are used to dry our hands after washing up in restrooms might be thought of as insignificant, but they are enormous in reality. By substituting handkerchiefs for paper products and electric appliances, we can save limited energy resources, as we arrive at a stage to reconsider our recognition about the environment. As we can see in the proverb "every little bit helps," these trivial motions can have a great ripple effect. YNO is trying to change students' recognition little by little through this campaign, and efforts to make an eco-campus will be continued.

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