How to Solve the Vicious Cycle in Registering for Courses
How to Solve the Vicious Cycle in Registering for Courses
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Circumstances of Registering for Courses During the registration period, target grades for each class are always arranged, and capacity is allocated for each type of student; first major students, and then double-major or minor students. However, not only target grade students but students of other grades can apply for the same classes, so the number of seats is often insufficient. If professors accept extra students, upperclassmen get priority, and students of target grades are not able to take these courses. Moreover, if professors don't admit extra students, they have to attend unnecessary liberal arts or major subject lectures. Causes of Confusion Compared to the number of lectures and the capacity for each, there are a large number of students including major students, double-major or minor students, transfer students, students returning to school after taking time off, students who move from free major, and students who change majors. Moreover, the number of faculty is not sufficient. Additionally, sophomores and juniors register for courses at the same time.

Opinions of Students

Yoo-Young Lee, Senior, Business

Q. Have you experienced being unable to register for required major courses due to unavailable seats?

A. Sure, I have. I was not able to attend three mandatory major courses. I had to take liberal arts or major courses that weren’t necessary for me to take.

Q. How do you think the school should solve this problem?

A. Due to the high demand of double major and minor students, I suggest that the school limit their numbers, increase classes, reduce the capacity allocated to each major, and I also want the school to consider major students with a quota system which permits students minimum major courses during the registration period. Min-Ju Kim, Sophomore, English Language and Literature

Q. What complaints do you have about registering for classes?

A. Although I entered the school in this major as a freshman, it doesn't make sense at all that I am not able to attend major classes because of upper classmen and students from other majors. On account of the large class numbers, it seems that the quality of lectures and concentration decreases, and it is difficult for students and professors to interact with each other.

Professor's Opinions

Woo-Hyun Jung , Dean of the Department of English Language and Literature

Q. What solutions have been considered? What more are needed?

A. There is a limit to the number of faculty, and we are supposed to consider controlling the number of double-major and minor students and reorganize a huge department. The school should widen the selection of regular courses for English and Business majors which help for finding jobs, rather than increase the number of students in these departments.

Seung-Cheol An, Dean of the Department of Business

Q. What do you think of solutions for the complaints made by students?

 A. There is a plan to recruit some more professors, but it is likely to take time. We limited double-major registrations this year, and we normally open eight classes per each course. We tend to control the capacity flexibly.

Views from the School

The school does not have enough space to open new classes, and although there is space, there are dramatic costs associated with labor. The school wants professors to give more lectures by opening evening classes, but both students, and professors avoid it. It is a two-sided problem and one side must endure hardship. Therefore it is difficult to take reasonable steps.

Possible Solutions to the Problem

Reducing capacity and setting a limit on the number of double-major and minor students will be determined through discussion between the faculty, and if sanction is given by headquarters, it can be possible. Recruiting faculty will take much time because the school is reluctant to do it due to rising salaries. Students have to express their complaints actively, and the school should pay attention to adjust classes during the preliminary registration period. In the case of major subjects, target students ought to be given priority. YU adopted the system of double majors and minors to foster talented students and gave students an opportunity to change majors, and arrange super faculty. However, it seems that the vicious cycle of registering for courses shows no sign of stopping especially for immensely popular majors every semester. For efficient operation of the school, students should protest positively regarding this agenda, and professors and the school have to look for a solution. We hope this chaos will steadily improve.

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