Eco-Campus with The Yeungnam Observer
Eco-Campus with The Yeungnam Observer
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First Suggestion : Using Handkerchiefs


Examples of 'Using Handkerchief Campaigns' from other schools

1) Silla University While the school started a campaign which promoted using public transportation and saving energy, they also distributed handkerchiefs to students. To make them reduce the consumption of tissues, the school gave 12,000 hankies. (March 6, 2010)

2) Myongji University Students and guests who participated in the symposium of model campus in Low CO2 Eco-friendly schools, saw a presentation about using handkerchief. (December 9, 2009)

3) Hyehwa Elementary School The school and the Korea Federation for Environmental Movement held a handkerchief entrance ceremony, which emphasized the importance of using handkerchiefs. They help to make an eco-friendly life and culture by saving energy and reducing the use of disposable products. (March 3, 2010)


YU intends to make students use handkerchiefs instead of hand drying machines and tissues in the toilet as part of a campaign of making an eco-friendly campus and saving energy. YNO carved some phrases into the hand drying machines and toilet roll in the toilet as a suggestion.

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