2010 Simulated News
2010 Simulated News
  • Seung-Yeup Han, Ri Choi
  • 승인 2010.05.17 21:35
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Monster 2 Hits the Movie MarketSeung-Yeup HanSenior, Mechanical Engineerin The film Monster drew audiences totaling 13 million people, and the movie was the biggest box office success in 2006. In 2010, Monster 2 has been released in movie theaters nationwide. Monster 2 is also playing in other Asian markets like Japan, China, and Thailand.Many people were doubtful about its chances for success. However, it is as interesting as they expected, and many people who watched the film are highly esteemed. CG (Computer Graphic) processing power is even better than it was for the original, and the plot does not get lost in the special effects. The movie is about a heart breaking family story. Also the monster is located in Cheonggyecheon, not the Han River, so it is receiving a favorable evaluation that is different from Monster 1. As a consequence, Monster 2 won the award for best picture at the Venice Film Festival on September 3rd. This film was highly acclaimed for both its cinematic quality and the film's director was applauded by the crowd.Hollywood movie companies usually release a new game after premiering a film. This trend has followed in Korea for these types of movies recently.Not only is Monster 2 showing in theaters there has also been the release of a package game. Queen's soft secured Monster's online game copyright, video game, and the mobile global copyright too. This has caused a double interest in the movie and it has allowed the movie to achieve more than expected. The Korean movie market was in the doldrums in 2009, but many countries have become interested in our movies because of Monster 2, so Korean movie stars are entering the global market vigorously and foreign markets have made sizable investments recently to screen our outstanding movies.The movie Monster has been a huge box-office success. We can feel the power of Korea's movies again through Monster 2. This chance will bring forth rapid progress in the Korean film industry.Go Naked, Go GreenRi ChoiSophomore, English Language & LiteratureWhat is the most popular buzzword for the first half of 2010? The answer is 'Green'. Because of the phenomena of concern for the environment, people are focused about the future of the earth more than ever before. Major electronics companies have launched eco-friendly products which decompose easily if buried. These products were welcomed by wise consumers. Some companies really want to solve the fundamental problem of the overproduction of litter. This wish led some companies to start the 'Go Naked' campaign. The Go Naked campaign was started by bath products brand LUSH and has spread to Korea starting this year. Go Naked requests companies remove wrapping materials like plastic bottles and plastic bags. Following LUSH, major bath products companies in Korea solidified their products to reduce the amount of wrapping materials used. According to statistics, over 80% of consumers are satisfied with this campaign. "I support this campaign. Because there is no wrapping, companies can move their products using less transportation costs. As a result, consumers can buy products at lower prices," a university student said.Adding to the popularity of this campaign, the Ministry of Environment is planning to have a naked parade next week which is uncommon in Korea. It is the first time that a government institution has allowed a naked parade. However, there are people expressing concern about the parade. A middle aged citizen said, "I know that litter is one of the serious problems faced by this generation. I also know what the Go Naked campaign is trying to say, but I think people can find another method to convey their message instead of having a naked parade. This parade may be considered just a spectacle and entertainment." Despite this worry, it looks like the parade will succeed. The rate of participation is increasing every day. Moreover, the Ministry of Environment and the Korea Food & Drug Administration (KFDA) are planning to request large retail outlets to remove wrapping materials starting next month. According to this plan, large retail outlets cannot provide rolled plastic bags to consumers anymore. Especially, rolled plastic on food products will be removed.I'm not sure if the Go Naked campaign can solve all of these fundamental problems. However, Go Naked was already made many changes in this society. Because of this campaign, people are willing to endure discomfort and take action to save the earth. The Go Naked campaign showed that actions speak louder than words.

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