No. 306 Letter Ju-O Son
No. 306 Letter Ju-O Son
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  • 승인 2009.09.03 21:50
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Ju-O Son
Junior, Mechanical Engineering

During this summer vacation, I wanted to improve my English ability. While I was looking for study materials I found several magazines written in English by students of YU. All of the articles were helpful to me. I was especially interested in the article, about How to Improve YU's exchange programs. I want to apply to YU's exchange programs and go to the University of Alabama next year. Before I read the article, I never knew about these problems. There are many exchange students here and I think that the exchange programs are excellent. When I went to the USA there were no places for Koreans. Although the food was expensive and disagreed with me, I could not help but to adapt to their culture. However, the English language institute was very useful to me, so I have never regretted going. I think that YU needs to improve the exchange programs and listen carefully to all the complaints.


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