Hot Issue(2) Remembering a Man of the People
Hot Issue(2) Remembering a Man of the People
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  • 승인 2009.09.03 21:47
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Ye-Sle Park
Freshman, Biotechnology

When I was asked to write about hot issues from the first half of this year for the 306th issue, I thought about former president Roh's death. Roh Moo-Hyun who served from 2003 to 2008 jumped from a hill behind his house and fell to his death because his moral image and political standing was damaged. His death was a great shock to the people. When I heard this news, I was also shocked. Therefore, I wanted to reflect on his life. I wanted to write about his accomplishments rather than my sorrow. I think many people will forget his death after time, so I want to look back on his life.
Roh Moo-Hyun was born in Bongha village in 1946. He was very poor, but he was able to overcome his poverty and achieve his ambitions. He became a judge, but he quit his job and became a human rights lawyer because he wanted help other people who came from the same circumstances as him. He was also a brave man. For example, during the Fifth Republic Hearings, Roh became a star because he rebuked many powerful and influencial people. However, his passion brought him hard times after the hearings.
Even though Roh was a native of the Yeungnam region, he endeavored to overcome regional interests. In spite of several setbacks Roh never accepted defeat and continued to fight against regionalism with passion and energy. Many people said "Roh Moo-Hyun is a fool," but many people were impressed by his tireless efforts. Finally he became President, but Roh's time as President was not easy. He was impeached by the opposition party, but he had the support of the people. He also tried to conclude the Korea-America FTA in spite of powerful criticism. Although he suffered ups and downs, he did his best during his presidency. After he completed his term as President, he wanted to return to being a rural community person. Unfortunately this serene life did not last long. Only four months after his homecoming he became wrapped up in a scandal. Last year, during December, he tried to stay out of the public eye even as the details of his brother's involvement in the scandal deepened. By the end of April, 2009 Roh was under investigation for alleged bribery involving his family members and long-time supporter, Park Yeon-Cha. The prosecution was planning to indict him for bribery. He is gone now, and we must never forget his legacy of fighting for common people's rights. He never did what was best for him, he always tried to do what he thought was right for the people.
Now, Korea is confused. Conservative forces and Progressive forces continue to struggle for supremacy. President Roh wanted to see this conflict come to an end. He hoped that Korea could overcome many of these fruitless conflicts that have held the country back for so long. Once again I wish to express my sorrow at his loss.


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