Hot Issue(1) The Internet Good or Evil?
Hot Issue(1) The Internet Good or Evil?
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  • 승인 2009.09.03 21:47
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Do-Kyung An
Junior, English Language & Literature

While it is difficult to argue that the Internet is a useful, and some would say indispensable tool, it also is a source of inaccurate information and opportunities for fraud. The Internet is everywhere and its complexity can lead regular people to be very confused. Recently, whether or not the Internet has a positive or negative impact became a hot potato issue again.
In order to help manage some of the negative issues that arise from Internet use a new system is being introduced. This system requires users to attach posts to a board that is run by a manager. The manager identifies the users' ID number or real-name. Some people, who use the Internet for negative purposes like defamation of character, use the anonymity of the Internet in order to hide from responsibility for their actions. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce a system that can create more accountability.
Those who advocate the real-name Internet system believe it will help prevent "cyber violence." They also believe this system will also help to cut down on Internet fraud as well as make it more difficult for young people to access pornography sites.
However, those who oppose the system claim it could infringe on freedom of speech and expression. They also assert that the managers of the site would have access to everyone's information and they would then become too powerful.
Most netizens agree that the posting board culture of the Internet needs to be changed. According to research, 72.1% of netizens support the real-name Internet system; on the other hand, only 21.8% oppose it. This result shows that many people have increasingly recognized the problem of innocent people being harmed and cowardly instigators hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet.
The real-name Internet system will not diminish the positive aspects of the Internet, but it will help to control the negative side. Uploading inaccurate information or heaping abuse on others and then hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet is not freedom of expression it is irresponsibility. This irresponsible behavior diminishes the positive aspects of the Internet. It's time for people to maintain their sincere and mature netizen values in order to enhance the positive impact of the Internet. There is no reason the Internet can not be a place where diverse opinions can be discussed freely without the fear of abuse from a nameless faceless source.


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