The Promising Trans-China Railway through Lianyungang City
The Promising Trans-China Railway through Lianyungang City
  • Lim-Ha Lee
  • 승인 2009.09.03 21:43
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Lianyungang City in Jiangsu Sheng is the terminal of the Trans-China Railway (TCR) that links Asia and Europe. It is located in Northeastern China and plays a pivotal role in the Chinese government's promotion of its westernization policies. Premier Wen Jiabao has been looking for potential growth engines and visited Lianyungang City in January of 2007. He has placed an emphasis in Lianyungang City's development. It is the terminal for the Eurasian Trans-continental Railway and links Central Asia to Russia and Europe. Recently, Korea has taken notice of Lianyungang City because of the TCR. The TCR serves as a gateway from eastern China to Europe. Export-oriented Korean businesses can export products in large quantities, using the TCR not only to Central Asia but also to the heart of Europe. Exports can be sent via truck, ship, or rail. However, transport charges for trucks can be expensive and ships are troublesome and slow due to port fees and other charges. Therefore, transporting goods via rail is advantageous because of the stability and lower costs. For this reason, one of the main customers of the TCR is export-oriented Korean businesses. If the Trans-Korean Railway (TKR) is opened, it will connect with the TCR and the Trans-Manchurian Railway (TMR), and it is expected this new rail route will become the main connection for exports between Korea and Europe.
China has grown as an economic power; its rate of economic growth has been more than 8% annually since 2000. The TCR is very important not only to China but also to Korea. The TCR authorities are also concerned about export-oriented Korean businesses. Lianyungang City is getting ready to take part in an adventure through Asia and Europe just like Sun Wukong.

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