Low Participation Rate in the Carbon Point System
Low Participation Rate in the Carbon Point System
  • Ri Choi
  • 승인 2009.09.03 21:42
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The Carbon Point System is a kind of Climate Change Action Program which encourages houses, commercial facilities, and companies to reduce green house gas emission voluntarily. Local government gives incentives according to the amount of reduction. People can choose Carbon Cashbag, traffic cards, or gift certificates. This system was operated as an experiment by 24 local governments from last November to this June. It has been extended to the whole country from July 1. However, according to research from 232 municipalities as of July 21, the participation rate in the program has been disappointing. In some districts, the rate of households did not even reach 1%. Seoul also did not participate in this system due to a budgetary problem. Pointing out that there are some limitations to giving cash as incentives, Seoul City has announced they will create their own system similar to the Carbon Point System.
There are several reasons why there has been such little participation in the program. One of the primary reasons is the difficulties of promotion which are mainly related to staying within the limits of the budget. Although the Central Government subsidizes 50% of the cost, it is still hard for local governments to promote and support the system.
The complexity of the process is another principle reason. After people sign up on the carbon point website, they have to enter a user number on their bill every month. It is especially hard for the elderly to participate in the system.
It has been a month since the system started. Though it has recorded low participation rates for many reasons, we still need to keep on eye on this system. The problems that Seoul City pointed out make sense, but the program will not be improved without the participation of the capital city. It would be a good role model if Seoul City participates in the program.


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