Opinions on the English Help Desk(4)
Opinions on the English Help Desk(4)
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Hyo-Jin Shim
English Language & Literature

I didn't know about the English Help Desk at all until my English speaking professor gave us an assignment and told us to use the English Help Desk after writing a short paragraph about our hobbies.
The tutor was very helpful, but I am concerned that there will be some students that use this system for bad purposes. For example, some students might think it is OK to ask one of the foreign professors at the English Help Desk to check for grammatical errors in large assignments. Some students might even be so bold as to ask professors to write large parts of their essays because there are no rules governing this system. The professors in the English Help Desk could start to feel as if they are being used and become discouraged.
However, many students, especially freshmen, seem to not even know about the English Help Desk on campus. When I started here I also had no idea that I could use it freely whenever I needed help from foreign people or professors.
As a result, the proportion of students using the English Help Desk is very low. Most foreign professors at the English Help Desk spend their time reading books, studying private things, or preparing their class documents because very few students use the English Help Desk except during midterm or final exam seasons.
The English Help Desk should exist for the students' benefit not for the professor's private time. If there are no students using this system, foreign professors shouldn't have to stay there.
The university should give students more information about the English Help Desk. Freshmen especially should be given this information. If we know more about the English Help Desk, and use it for proper purposes, it will be very useful and can improve our English ability.



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