Opinions on the English Help Desk(3)
Opinions on the English Help Desk(3)
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So-mi Son
English Language & Literature

The English Help Desk system helps students who want to improve their English skills. Many students already make use of the system. I am one of them. I took an English conversation class this semester, and the professor asked us to introduce ourselves. Because it was the first time for me to introduce myself to a lot of students in English, I became very nervous. The fact that I was not sure of my expressions and grammar made me feel more uneasy. I needed someone to help me. Finally, I went to the English Help Desk. I went there with my rough draft. One of the tutors at the English Help Desk revised the text, and she gave me some advice. Her kindness was beyond the expectations that I had. However, since the English Help Desk has opened there have been some problems. First, tutors are sometimes late for the assigned times written on the schedule. As a result, sometimes some students who are in a hurry are not able to be helped. Second, there are some communication problems between tutors and students. Some of the students who visit the English Help Desk can speak fluent English, but there are a large number of students are not as fluent. In my experience, most of the tutors at the English Help Desk are poor at speaking Korean, so I have difficulty in communicating with them. If this situation persists, students might fail to get the help they need and leave feeling less than satisfied. I believe if these problems are solved, the English Help Desk will be a more useful system.



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