Opinions on the English Help Desk(2)
Opinions on the English Help Desk(2)
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Hyuk Kim
Cultural -Anthropology

I was a freshman a year ago when I first made use of the English Help Desk. I was taking English conversation class at that time, and I went to the English Help Desk with my English conversation class writing homework. The native English teacher on duty corrected my homework.
At that time, I got a satisfying grade with the native English teacher's help. However, one thing I felt was missing was that he didn't explain the mistakes I made. As a result, it didn't help me learn anything. To be fair the main issue dealing with this incident isn't just a problem with the English Help Desk. It is a problem of students not being clear about what kind of help they need.
Students who complain about the assistance they receive can lose sight of their own responsibility in the situation. In order to avoid many problems in the future, the English Help Desk should be more clear about the kind of assistance they offer. Students should also be more clear and assertive about the help they need.  Students need to have an attitude of responsibility and take an active role in the assistance they receive from the English Help Desk in the future.


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