Opinions on the English Help Desk(1)
Opinions on the English Help Desk(1)
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Yeoun-Hee Kang
English Language & Literature

I sometimes go to the English Help Desk because I like to speak English. At first, I went there to get help with my work. When I went there, I met two foreigners. One was a man. He was using the computer. The other was a woman. She was reading a magazine. I was warmly welcomed. I asked about English pronunciation which was a part of my assignments. The woman helped me, I think her name was Cindy. I do not speak English very well, so I think she got a little frustrated. While we were talking, she always had a smile on her face. I think the English Help Desk has many good points. For example, all the foreign faculty take turns at the English Help Desk, so we can meet many foreigners. Many Koreans are afraid of English, but they make me feel very comfortable. It is helpful for work because they are English teachers in our school. I think the English Help Desk creates good chances to use English. However, not many people know about this place. Many people told me they did not know about the English Help Desk. Therefore the English Help Desk is very quiet. I think the teachers might feel bored. If they want more students to come, they need to advertise more. I really don't think there is anything bad about the English Help Desk.


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