A Ban on Camouflaging Food
A Ban on Camouflaging Food
  • Ri Choi
  • 승인 2009.09.03 21:29
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The Korea Food & Drug Administration (KFDA) revised its food labeling standards in May 18. According to the revised food labeling standards, products which use synthetic flavoring agents should not use real images or pictures of natural ingredients.
When companies write product names on packages they must use the word "scent" instead of "flavor" when synthetic flavoring agents are used. In the case of products whose names include words that indicate natural ingredients like "apple juice" or "Saewookkang" the companies must write the actual percentage of the natural ingredients on the front of the packages. Also products that are individually wrapped inside boxes must now write information like calories, nutritional content, and expiration dates on each individual package. The KFDA announced these revised rules with a bulletin, but will allow companies a grace period until next April to comply with the new regulations.
Recently, there have been many TV programs that have exposed food additives and synthetic flavoring agents used by food companies. These programs have stirred up unrest, distrust of food, and more interest in the accurate labeling of natural ingredients throughout society. Also dissatisfaction has been growing since the KFDA's belated response to the Chinese milk scandal as well as a perceived lack of action on the asbestos in baby powder and cosmetics issue this year. The KFDA, which is responsible for the management of food and drugs and also has an obligation to protect the people's health, has totally lost their trust. From this point of view, the revised rules have significance for meeting the people's right to know and giving them options when they select food. Recently interest in food safety has been getting more intense especially when it comes to snacks for children. These revised rules will be welcomed by all parents who have young children.

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