Liberal Arts's Effort
Liberal Arts's Effort
  • Jung-In Bae
  • 승인 2009.09.03 21:29
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The College of Liberal Arts will introduce educational reinforcement programs for current students and graduates in 2009. The purpose of these programs is similar to assist in finding employment for Liberal Arts majors. Until now  programs have not had significant results, so the department reorganized their plans this year. This is important because these days Liberal Arts students are having a more difficult time applying their degrees in finding a job.
The Department of Korean Language and Literature, the Department of History, the Department of Cultural Anthropology and the Department of Korean History will introduce specialist training programs focusing on cultural heritage training and semicurator training. The semicurator program is designed to prepare students who would eventually like to be curators of museums. This program will begin on July 1st.
Other departments plan to start similar programs, but they have not offered any specifics as yet. The Japanese Language and Literature Department plans to reimburse test fees for all students who take tests for a certificate, the English Language  and Literature Department will operate TOEIC lectures for juniors and seniors, as well as hold interview seminars for seniors. The French Language and Literature Department will introduce a program that will help its students prepare for DELF, which is a certificate related to French proficiency. The German Language and Literature Department will begin to hold lectures about cover letters and resumes in English, Korean, and German divided into three classes. The Philosophy Department is encouraging students to make study groups themselves with professors as part of the educational reinforcement framework.
Even though job shortages are not a problem just for Liberal Arts' majors, it is, however, an undeniable fact that there has been a decrease in liberal arts applicants. Potential students are choosing majors they think will be more helpful in finding a job. The College of Liberal Arts need more publicity activities in order to get the desired results. Even in the face of all of these problems many of the programs that are being developed have no specific plan. These issues need to be settled quickly, and the programs put into action if the College of Liberal Arts hopes to reverse these negative trends.

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