The March of Youth
The March of Youth
  • Ju-Hee Park
  • 승인 2009.09.03 21:28
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Yeungnam University's Student Support Center will hold a Cross-Yeungnam Area Hiking to help develop talent of type Y students. The program will last for 8 days starting August 20. This program is free, and is supported by state funds from The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. There are 240 students in the program, and they will hike all across the Yeungnam area. Their Cross-Yeungnam Area Hiking will take them through Mungyeong, Yecheon, Andong, Cheongsong, and Yeongdeok. The total distance of the hike will be 162km. The participants will be broken into groups of 4 members, and they will have to arrange their own accommodations and meals. They will be camping most of the time and they must cook their own meals. Lunch is the only meal that will be provided.
All of the stops include various activities to develop awareness and leadership. For example, the participants will take part in a cultural assets tour and body painting to inspire patriotism. They will also listen to guest lecturers and take part in a play festival. One of the most important programs they will participate in is how to create local agreements. They will learn how to work with local organizations and figure out how to constitute volunteer communities during their hike. At the end of their hike they will pledge to have a more open mind and attitude.
This program is in its first year and its management is currently being outsourced. Yeungnam University intends to take over the management of this program as it acquires more experience with it. It is the hope of the university to expand the program to include more students and more places of interest.
Nowadays, most students are sheltered and given too much tender care until they graduate from university. After graduation they go straight into the workforce. It is imperative to cultivate an independent spirit, a sense of leadership, and humanity before we graduate. Programs like this will make students more mature by giving them the opportunity to experience new places, people, and hardships. By facing these new challenges our talent of type Y students will gain valuable practical experience.

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