Readers are Leaders
Readers are Leaders
  • Eun-Hui Jeon
  • 승인 2009.09.03 21:10
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The first Newspaper EXPO 2009 was held on 1st May by Goyang city and the Korean Newspaper Association. In order to raise national intellectual competitive power, increase readership among younger generations, and discuss how newspapers work, almost 47 major newspaper companies participated in this EXPO. It held for 5 days in Ilsan, at KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center) Hall. Many people participated in this EXPO in areas related to the Newspaper industry, education, students, and civil issues. An EXPO staff member said that it is part of a reading encouragement campaign sponsored by the Korean Newspaper Association.
The EXPO displayed a variety of materials to demonstrate why newspapers are superior to other forms of news media. They will also attempt to show the future of the newspaper industry as it attempts to coexist with new media like the internet. 47 newspaper companies set up their marketing booths and detailed their merits, as well as their strategies for the future. The companies that publish the newspapers also showed new technologies that made newspaper production and services more efficient. New media companies marketed their new devices.
There are many programs to give information to visitors who are interested in making their own newspaper and NIE (Newspaper In Education) class, as well as employment seminars for free. University students who want to be journalists had the opportunity to get information from all the newspaper companies on the first and fourth day of the EXPO.
"Readers are Leaders" is the slogan of the Newspaper EXPO 2009. To develop common sense, many students have studied newspapers as part of their education recently. They view newspapers as living textbooks. Nowadays, many news web sites exist. Many people have stopped receiving newspapers because they think that web-news is faster than newspapers and free. The Newspaper EXPO 2009  attempts to show that coexistence and harmony between newspapers and new media is possible. You can increase your understanding of newspapers as part of a web-news platform or simply the different roles of your local newspaper through this seminar and other experiences.

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