Do the Students Support YU's Glocal Initiative?
Do the Students Support YU's Glocal Initiative?
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YU will begin its Glocal Initiative project after a ceremony that will be held on 15th May. The Glocal Initiative is a new vision for becoming a global standard university. This Initiative focuses on producing "type Y" students as well as establishing majors that focus on practical education. Glocalization centers on nurturing the fusion of academic research, and the trend of globalization in Asia.
On 24th April, an important workshop was held in order to field suggestions regarding each department in YU. This workshop examined detailed plans. There will more detailed planning sessions after presenting overall strategies at the opening ceremony.
The foundation of the plan is based on cultivating the talent of type Y students. Talent of type Y students refers to those students who combine a progressive spirit with creativity as suggested by Prof. McGregor at MIT. Hyo-Soo Lee, the new president of YU said, "Y matches with the first letter of Yeungnam University, also Y implies the spreading of two arms, as well as representing openness to the world and the future. He also said, "In an information industrial society, information and knowledge change quickly, therefore, we can't stand on current information and knowledge. To solve these problems, we hope to develop the talent of type Y students that is the goal of YU."
As part of this plan, YU established the "Committee for Cultivating Talent of Type Y Students." This committee will make decisions on the course for cultivating talent of type Y students; they hope to establish a road map for making this possible.
These Glocal Initiative plans look so good. The new president is especially concentrating his efforts on cultivating students into competent people. However, through all the fanfare we have not heard the voices of the students. Of course, these plans sound good but the president alone does not compose a university. A university should be made by merging the feelings and attitudes of the students, and the faculty, and administration. Our university should be run like our democracy. The people's voices should be heard, and then policies should be made. Thisis the basic principle of democracy. YU is facing an important situation and it is long past due for the students to make their voices heard.

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