Enjoy New Programs for Freshmen!
Enjoy New Programs for Freshmen!
  • Ji-Min Park
  • 승인 2009.09.03 21:09
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In May 2009, The College of Basic Studies will introduce 7 new programs; Teaching Assistant, Leadership Academy, Career Coaching, Reading Club, Freshmen Club, Study Club, and Volunteer Club. The programs are expected to be in place by December this year.
The Teaching Assistant program is aimed at the students who are majoring in science and engineering. Its purpose is to strengthen math-related education, and to help students study core subjects efficiently. The Leadership Academy is for the students who have grade point averages of 4.0 or higher who are not Chunma Honors School students or College of Medicine students. They can get receive instruction in various extracurricular activities such as golf, horseback riding, volunteering, dance, and writing skills. The Career Coaching program helps to establish a student's identity through psychological tests and a variety of career guidance. The Reading Club is designed to enhance creative writing skills. It also contributes to developing a stronger reading culture. The Freshmen Club helps to promote university life as a means for developing students into public servants. The Study Club hopes to create an academic atmosphere that will allow students to exchange information needed to succeed in college life. The Volunteer Club will allow students to experience a variety of volunteer activities and will encourage personalized volunteer activities developed by the students.
These new programs are designed to target outstanding freshmen; so many people have great expectations for them. However, there are some concerns that it could be a here today gone tomorrow program like the Department of China-Business. The Department of China-Business advertised their department extensively and many people expected big things, but it was not able to live up to expectations. In order to succeed these new programs need active participation on the part of the students. There also needs to be careful planning on the part of administration. As the new programs will begin this year, we hope they will be able to grasp the future direction and problems of students in the future. It is not unreasonable to expect better education year after year.

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