What are the Real Reasons for Internet Restrictions?
What are the Real Reasons for Internet Restrictions?
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   In Korea, if one event could be chosen as a defining issue on rights in cyber space, "Minerva" would likely be picked for 2008. "Minerva", who is an internet critic made accurate economic predictions and people became interested in his predictions. However, Minerva was arrested and charged with spreading rumors. The government is taking legal steps to police the internet culture, and the government is attempting to introduce a cyber contempt charge and an identity verification system. China provides a good example for implementing internet restrictions while the Korean government is preparing their own code of restrictions. Recently, the Chinese government strengthened restrictions on the media, scholarship, and popular culture. The Chinese government twice criticized both domestic and global sites. "They violate public morality, and they harm teenagers' minds and bodies." Global human rights sites were able to connect during the Beijing Olympic Games, but now those connections are closed again. AI, an international human rights organization, said "Several sites were closed by the government, we can't accept recession of human rights."
   The justification for Chinese restrictions on the internet are similar to the Korean situation. Through the internet, numerous political issues reached consensus during 2008. China is the only country to implement a cyber contempt law, and Korea would be the only democratic country to legislate it. Restrictions imposed by the Chinese government on the internet help the government stay in power. Korea would be the first democratic country to legislate a cyber contempt law. It would mean a recession of our democracy. These internet restrictions are the same as blocking people's mouths and ears. The government should try to hear people's voices, not restrict them.


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