Who is the Chunma Arts Center For?
Who is the Chunma Arts Center For?
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Chunma Arts Center was built for the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Yeungnam University. The Center held its completion ceremony on 16 January 2009. At the ceremony a farewell party was given for the outgoing president and the KBS music program "Open Concert" was recorded there. The Memorial hall consists of the Grand Hall, the Chamber Hall and the Tower Hall. The Halls contain a performing arts center, an auditorium, conference rooms, a gallery, and a media center and sky lounge. In addition, the open air exhibition hall and garden area can be found in the Citizen's Park. The center is still, under construction and also firms that run cafeteria and dinning room services have not been chosen so it will take more time to complete. Performances will be begin in May. The Grand Hall can create interest for outsiders to visit YU, so it can increase YU's reputation. In the Tower Hall you can see the history of YU, and there is a media center where we can be introduced to YU and its history. However, it is doubtful that Chunma Arts Center will ever be useful to the students. When suggestions for the name of the Center were collected, the Tower Hall was planned to have study rooms for the students. However, that space will now be used as conference rooms. Also the cafeteria and a room for weddings were put into try and make money. We were told that the profits would be used for the students. Now there aren't any rooms for students to make use of. Even though there were high expectations, Chunma Arts Center will not be a great help to students. If the Center was built without having to use student tuition it might be easier to understand how it can be helpful to us. If the Center was built to improve cultural life, they should have a policy like discounting the fee for performances for students. Simply, the center should not only be for the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of YU or for profit. It should be a space that will enhance the campus lives of the students.

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