Come on, Let's Get Cracking!
Come on, Let's Get Cracking!
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This is December. We are approaching the end of the year. Let's take time to look back over the year. Think back to when you started all over again with new plans and hopeful expectations in January, 2008. You began with concrete and well organized plans after careful reflection. When you think back the year now, are you really satisfied? You may be contents, or you may not. If you didn't achieve your goal, you may be discouraged. However, I don't want you to become downhearted. Understanding disappointment and reflecting about oneself is useful too. Because you can learn from your missteps and improve. It is important not only to examine oneself, but also to make new plans and follow through on them. I hope you enjoyed this year, start all over again. A wonderful 2009 is waiting for us. Come on, let's get cracking!

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