Singapore Becomes Eco-Friendly
Singapore Becomes Eco-Friendly
  • Ji-Yoon Uhm
  • 승인 2008.12.30 18:02
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A tower that represents Singapore will be founded in the near future. It was designed by the architects at TR Hanmzah & Yeang, and sponsored by the National University of Singapore. The name of the Tower is "Ecological Design In The Tropics" Tower, or The EDITT Tower, and it is green inside and out.

The 26-story structure features prominent living plants on the walls that add some color, ventilation, and dedicated biogas generation that make full use of their alternative energy potential. The plants take up about half of the structure and they will be selected from local vegetation. A ramp will connect EDITT to the surrounding shops and offices, so people can pop in for a visit to check out the garden.

EDITT's dedication to nature doesn't stop there. 855 square meters of the building is also covered with photovoltaic panels that will account for 40% of its power usage. Considering Singapore's various weather conditions, for instance heavy rain during the monsoon season, rainwater will be collected for plant irrigation, supplying the building's non-potable water supply for flushing the toilets for instance.

People who want to live in an urban environment also want to live near someplace green in order to enjoy natural surroundings. The EDITT Tower gives people the feeling of nature in the city without having to go a long distance away. The self sufficient energy system is also a good idea. Energy conservation is the most serious problem facing us in modern times, so this idea can be a solution. First of all, we have to come to terms with the fact that our energy supplies are being exhausted. We have to really believe conserving energy is a virtue.

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