ICI Project
ICI Project
  • Eun-Hui Jeon
  • 승인 2008.12.30 17:52
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Yeungnam University, Kyungpook National University, and Keimyung University were designated as ICI project (Industrialised Countries Instrument Education Cooperation Programme) universities, supported by the EU and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on September 9th. The ICI project is a student exchange program between the EU and some other developed countries like America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

YU will take part as an abroad internship department. From next year, YU will be able to participate in the exchange program with about 17 students, who major in business marketing and trade. They will be able to go abroad for more than 5 month. They will take classes that teach students their own cultural traditions related to business. Professors of these classes will teach them in a variety of ways like team teaching, Practical Education, and Business Practice. Moreover, students can get the opportunity to work in an internship with companies located in that area.

Many Korean students consider studying abroad, especially in Europe, but it is too expensive to go and there is not much information available. These are very big obstacles for them. This new project could give them a new opportunity to take advantage of global resources. However, YU has a bit of a lukewarm attitude toward the program. It should be a source of pride to everyone that YU was chosen as a participating university along with Kyungpook national university, and Keimyung University. It clearly shows that the YU has come a long way in achieving its desire to become a global university. Futhermore, this program is different from previous programs that were not able to last for long. Both the EU and the Korean Government will financially support this project. Also, after the students complete their classes they will have mese many feel that Kyungpook University will be the major player, and YU will only be small part of the project. This is the reason the scale of participation is so large. This should be greeted as good news though. YU needs to pay more serious attention to the student exchange program.

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