What is Chunma Honors School?
What is Chunma Honors School?
  • Geum-Nyun Kim
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YU announced plans to start Chunma Honors School last August. Chunma Honors School, which will accept freshmen who major in both science and literature in 2009, was the talk of the town because of the special benefits the program will offer.

Many students will be anxious about this, because Chunma Honors School is a new program, so YNO will try to answer all of your questions.

What is the object of setting up Chunma Honors School?

From the 1960's to the 1980's many excellent students were able to enroll at YU because of the Chunma scholarship program that gave an all-expenses-paid scholarship for four years and other benefits. However since the 1990's students have not entered YU through this scholarship. As a result the scholarship level of YU has declined. YU would like to attract more excellent students again. To that end YU has started Chunma Honors School. Chunma Honors School hopes to develop talented students who will enter Law School or a Medical Specialty Graduate School. Also due to the establishment of the Law School, the College of Law no longer recruits freshmen and the School of Pharmacy has become a six year program. These changes have resulted in a deficiency in freshman recruitment. However, through Chunma Honors School some of the losses are being made up.

The ultimate goal is to cultivate talented students. YU hopes that programs like Chunma Honors School will become Synonomous with the university. It is YU's hope that through programs like this the university's status and quality will gain global recognition like the management program at Sookmyung University.

Where does the money for the scholarship come from?

The funds that will be given to deserving students will not come from a new fund raising program, but will come from existing funds available through the Chunma general scholarship fund.

The China Business major was created under the building representative brand of Yeungnam University in order to attract creative talent, and was similar in many ways to Chunma Honors School. This major combined courses from the College of Commerce & Economics as well as the School of Chinese Language & Culture. Applicants for the China Business major were required to score at least third grade level on the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT). However, this major is no longer able to advertise for new students due to difficulty with management and a lack of applicants. The China Business major has been a failure.

What are the differences between Chunma Honors School and the China Business major?

First, the China Business major dealt with two separate departments but Chunma Honors School will be controlled by one department. When freshmen entered the China Business major they could apply with either the College of Commerce & Economics or the School of Chinese Language & Culture. The student would apply as a combined major, and if they satisfied the criteria they were admitted. However, the students had difficulty managing both courses because there was a lack of understanding between the College of Commerce & Economics and the department of Chinese Language & Culture.

Freshman who apply for Chunma Honors School become students of Chunma Honors School from the beginning, applicants only have to score second grade level on the CSAT.

Secondly, even though both programs are for double majors, students of the China Business program had to choose an affiliation with either the College of Commerce & Economics or the School of Chinese Language & Culture. Students of Chunma Honors School do not have to make a distinction between departments. Freshman of Chunma Honors School must have a major in both the science department and the literature department, and when they graduate they will be issued two degrees.

Finally, there is a difference in the scholarship program. The China Business program gave partial scholarships, but Chunma Honors School gives a full Chunma scholarship which includes the entry fee, full tuition fees for four years, expenses for teaching materials, boarding expenses, and a one time expense for study abroad.

YU is endeavoring to attract new excellent students, but what efforts are being made to develp the ability of existing students?

YU invested 2 billion won in additional programs. It maybe the nation's largest. Also the Office of Student Development Services is the only consultation office and is divided into Human Resources Development, which provides educational information, and Career Placement Services which provides consultations for students concerning employment.

There are also eleven programs to develop the ability of students available in the credit system, and 3300 students took classes last semester. This is the nation's largest development program as well. The Office of Student Development Services has also opened a support job study, job camp, English camp, educational-industrial complex, and an educational crash course. Though there are many educational programs many students don't take part in these programs and the same participants always sign up for these programs. This attitude must change.

If Chunma Honors School is successful, students can create a good academic atmosphere, and the reputation of YU will be enhanced. However, we must look to the former China Business program which had the same purpose and ended in failure. To protect against this kind of failure YU must have more systematic educational courses and management.

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