Congratulatory Message From the President
Congratulatory Message From the President
  • Tong-Ki Woo
  • 승인 2008.10.09 12:52
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It gives me great pleasure to extend my warmest congratulations on publishing the 300th issue of The Yeungnam Observer. On behalf of all the members of the university, I would like to give special thanks to those who dedicated themselves to lead the university culture through The Yeungnam Observer since its first issue.
We have created vibrant and diverse international programs for students that meet global standards. I have long believed that these achievements are due in part to The Yeungnam Observer which has played a leading role in nurturing outstanding students in this fast-changing world by adopting the university's vision and strategy for internationalizing efforts. I hope that future cooperation and participation will be made by The Yeungnam Observer for the university's ongoing development in the years ahead.
An indication of globalization at the university is that the number of out-going and in-coming exchange students has dramatically increased. Nearly 1,000 international students from all over the world are studying on our campus, and about 1,000 YU students take advantage of studying at our overseas sister universities.  This tremendous change challenges The Yeungnam Observer to be equipped with global perspectives for its sustained development.
From this moment, all the members of The Yeungnam Observer will need to channel their energy to reemphasize the importance of the university's vision and strategy to confront new challenges in the field of higher education worldwide. It has become apparent that the university press has to embrace its new mission to help create a bright future for the university. The quality of the content we strive for in The Yeungnam Observer should be considered at all times, and effort should be constantly made to cope with current social issues from the viewpoint of the student body. With this in mind, it is my hope that The Yeungnam Observer will become a venue that all the diverse parties that make up our university community can come to for information and thought provoking ideas.
Newspapers are made not only by the writer's pen, but also by understanding the reader's heart and mind. Communication between writer and reader is inevitably important to ensure the quality of its content.
In closing, I sincerely hope that The Yeungnam Observer will become a leader in the university press community which will help shape the university's culture with an eye toward harmony and collaboration.
I hope that The Yeungnam Observer will reaffirm its commitment to university
history, and I look forward to your continued success in the coming years.
Congratulations and best wishes to you!

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