'Swimming Film, Flying Music' - JIMFF 2007!
'Swimming Film, Flying Music' - JIMFF 2007!
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'Swimming Film, Flying Music' - JIMFF 2007!

  Dong-Woo Seo  seoproducer@yun.ac.kr

The 3rd Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (JIMFF 2007) was held on 9 August 2007.

Movie and music-lovers crowded into Jecheon to watch movies from many different countries. Famous singers such as Kim Jong-seo and Sin Hae-cheol appeared on the eve of JIMFF 2007 on 8 August. The difference between JIMFF 2007 and many other festivals is that JIMFF focusedon the artistic combination of music and film.

The opening ceremony of JIMFF 2007 was as gorgeous as the Eve. It attracted the attention of the press because many stars including Han Seok-kyu, Yoo Ji-tae, Yoon Kye-sang, Lee Ji-hoon, and Yoon Jin-seo were there. Foreign guests and famous musical directors attended in person as well as world-famous movie directors such as Im Kwon-taek, Lee Myung Se, Choi chang-kwon, and Min Gyu-dong.



This JIMFF was an opportunity to watch almost 100 movies of great artistic value, in the same location. The festival also offered a chance to savor a wide variety of film-music.

JIMFF 2007 offered performances from 9-14 August every hour in a 'Street of Culture.' Other hourly street-events included the 'Hand-Printing Ceremony' the 'Star Together' program, in which the public met famous personalities; 'Film Music Open Talk' and 'The Lola Flamenco.' The latter brought audiences together by adding an extra dimension to the amusement.

Many stars, such as On Joo-wan and Lee So-yun, participated in 'Star Together' - acting as public relations ambassadors for the movie-industry. The 'Hand Printing Ceremony' gave Music Director Choi Chand-kwon, the awardee ofthe Jecheon Firm Music Award, the opportunity to create a painted image of his own hand. This event attracted a lot of public attention.


'One summer Night' and the 'Jecheon Live Choice Concert,' were held from 10 to 13 August at Cheongpung Lake Stage. These concerts were the most popular with audiences. 'One Summer Night', the JIMFF main stage program, was a specially arranged package consisting of outdoor film screenings and music performances that couldbe shared by everyone. Many famous singers including The Vigours, Lee Seung-hwan, Cho Kyu-chan, MC sniper, Bobby Kim, Buga Kingz, and Dynamic Duo participated in 'One Summer Night.'

JIMFF proudly presented the Jecheon Live Choice Concert to light up the days and nights of Jecheon. It was a good chance for music fans to enjoy, up close, the performances of artists from various genres.

Film-music flowed out everywhere and I easily found information about the film festival from the several information bureaus that had been set up here and there.

There were many volunteer-helpers in Jecheon who wore green T-shirts I saw them everywhere this was very impressive. Thanks to their kind and detailed guidance, I was easily able to look around the festival.

JIMFF 2007 was filled with special events for audiences to enjoy, and was the first international music & film festival to be held in Korea.

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