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Each correct answer to the puzzle can be found in this magazine
Good Luck to You!
Please send your answers to the 280th puzzle
to the YNO office by December 20, 2005.

Look For the Word
1. Next, we ate, then went to a movie, then wandered about, and eventually came to the front of my apartment.
2. These are campaigns related to teeth.
3. Another problem that may be contributing to more tooth related problems is the fluoridation of water that has been in dispute.
4. From the research that was done in Colorado, the nation as a whole started to utilize water fluoridation.
5. Third, there are problems of fluoridation? safety.
6. Above all, authorities have to inform citizens about the merits and demerits of fluoridation.
7. The successful conclusion of water fluoridation will need the attention of the people.
8. As previously stated, CRS has some problems.
9. Also, univerities have to overcome the distance difference to offer domitory housing and institions for students who take a course as CRS.
10. Then universities need to present a realistic plan so that students can take a quality lesson and participate effectively. 
11. However, there are no answers.

Answers to the last puzzle
The Yeungnam Observer cannot find the winner of the 280th  puzzle.

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