Let’s Go Inside the Minds of Boys
Let’s Go Inside the Minds of Boys
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   Even though I didn't want it to happen, the alarm rang. I got up at 6 o'clock and got ready to go to university. As soon as I got to the university, I had to attend my TOEIC study group. I skipped breakfast once again! Anyway, I attended my major class after studying TOEIC for an hour. In the class, some friends who had military duties had been waiting in the class. I have to go the army next year. Well, I still don't care about employment at least not yet. The reason why I have studied TOEIC is that it is an official test, and a high score on the test will give me benefits for finding employment, being accepted into study abroad programs, etc. When one of my friends who is in the army was given a vacation, we usually talk about the army. You may agree that it is an indispensable topic among men. Some people insist that experience in the army helps men improve their confidence and abilities to adapt themselves to society. They also say that military service is duty for our country. But opponents of military service insist that going to the army has a high opportunity cost. They say that men spending time in the military gives men no special advantages, even though they did military duties. After military service, men have trouble living as students once again when they return to school. I heard that if men could continue their schooling or work a job instead of going to the army, they could earn about 27 million Won in two years. Unfortunately, young men in Korea are giving up two years as a service to the country. I don't yet know how it will influence my life.
  My seniors who have completed their service said they experienced some troubles adapting to school again after military duties for two years. They try hard to keep good grades and most of them study to achieve a good TOEIC score, one of measures by which companies evaluate an applicant. However, nowadays, companies consider ability whether applicants can actually speak English and evaluate conversation skills. It is obvious that they also have to give up their time to study English conversation. As the internship opportunities have increased in various fields, The first reserves (who have finished their military duties) take part in internships actively. Also in also overseas volunteering service, the first reserves are participating a lot. I wonder whether it is true or not that "Most men realize their social responsibilities when they have finished their military duties."
   After class, I went to the cafeteria to eat lunch with my friends. In the cafeteria I came across my senior who has the same major. Nowadays, he is looking for a job. Suddenly, I realized that his face is somewhat different than before. He originally had a prominent chin and cheekbones, but now he has an oval face. "Did you have plastic surgery?" My senior explained that he had plastic surgery to change his looks. "One's appearance is also important for employment these days," he said. I heard that plastic surgery for men is increasing. People used to think that only women consider a plastic operation. In society, people usually prefer a handsome man to a tough guy nowadays. Furthermore, it is said that plastic surgery for men affect their employment and promotion chances a lot. I have sometimes seen on television interviews of men who had a plastic operation for employment. They said interviewers inspect closely not only one's ability, but also one's appearance. Usually, a handsome man wins people's favor over an ugly man. Isn't it true? I thought that the present situation is unavoidable because we have an unconscious notion that 'One's appearance reflects one's ability.'
After lunch, I went to the PC Room with my friends. I enjoyed an on-line game with my friends and then surfed the Internet. On one of my favorite web sites, I saw clothes that I want to buy.
These days, both hip-hop and Japanese style are popular among the young. In the growing hip-hop culture, young people put on hip-hop styled clothes (4. artlessly). With the development of Internet shopping, men are purchasing their clothes by the Internet and are exchanging information with other people. Men's clothes used to have a simple design but, but men's cloths are becoming splendid and highly diversified along the fashion of the metrosexual nowadays. Metrosexual means men who are sensitive to fashion and concerned about their appearance. They like to adorn themselves naturally and then spend both time and money improving their skin and hair style. They also enjoy shopping. You know David Beckham, the famous football star, is known well as a metrosexual. In Korea, several celebrities also are known as the metrosexual, so it is a hot trend among young men to be metrosexual.
   I have arranged to meet my girlfriend after the afternoon class. I have been going with my girlfriend for over 1 year. I have to go to the army soon after this semester is over. Because I have to go to the army, my girlfriend is caring for me a lot these days. Actually, I have some worries about whether she can wait for me during my military duties. As soon as the afternoon class is over, I telephoned my girlfriend, but there was no answer, so I called her again after 5 minutes. At last, I could speak to my girlfriend on the telephone. My girlfriend sometimes doesn't answer my call and makes me call her first. Women usually put on an innocent air when they date their boyfriend. I don't understand that women pretend innocence. (or put on an innocent air)Anyway, I met my girlfriend. I think she is pretty because she always tries to care for me. To eat a light meal, we went to the coffee shop. We ate a meal and chatted. I went to the toilet fora little while. To my surprise, she left some money under the bill to help pay for the food. She has tact, and that makes me love her. In Korea, there is a fixed idea that men have to pay the cost of dating. This idea still remains. So, I thank her for being considerate. It made me happy. We went to a movie, walked around, and then took my girlfriend to her home. I didn't want to say goodbye, but I said "Now, I will go to home, bye," and turned my body. I wanted to produce a scene like a movie with my girlfriend, but I failed, so I went home feeling sorrowful. As soon as I got home, I called my girlfriend and said "I love you and good night."
The day of most university boys is similar to mine. Because of military duties, men usually have trouble with the search for employment, love, etc. They also try to develop their abilities constantly. Most men want to be the first lover of her. YNO has found that men think like this. What are you thinking these days, how do you spend your days in your own world, and what interests you?

Reporter   Son Jung-eun  /  sarang486@yumail.ac.kr
Reporter   Son Joon-ho  /  zendle@yumail.ac.kr

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