Let’s Go Inside the Minds of Girls
Let’s Go Inside the Minds of Girls
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I never fail to get up at 6 o'clock, ready to go to school. To get to school, I take a subway, and skip breakfast. As soon as I arrive at school, I go to the library to get a seat, then take a moment to catch my breath, then I go to the TOEIC institute near school. I attend the class, and when I finish I come back to the library.
   Ready to listen to a lecture, I go to a lecture room. Today, I am writing an applications to become an exchange student in a foreign country and to enter a TOEIC study group. After the lecture is finished, I give the exchange student application to a university official. So many students have come here to apply. There are many students in front of me in the application line. There are far more girls than boys. I have heard that nowadays many girls are taking part in programs involving language study activities. It is true!

   These days, students are really different than in the past. The job shortage is not good. With the job shortage, every student is trying hard to find employment. In the news yesterday, it was reported that a much lower percentage of university girls get jobs than boys. Being a girl is difficult sometimes!?
   The school is making an effort to increase the employment rate for graduating girl students. A few days ago, the Women's Career Center came into being at our school. This program was created to increase the rate of girl employment. There is a lot of information about job-getting strategies for girl students. I plan to go there tomorrow.
Yesterday, I called a friend who goes to university in Seoul. At her university, they are also trying to improve the percentage of graduating girls that find employment. The school has a mentoring program. Mentors are usually older students or students with a lot of knowledge or experience in applying for jobs. They share information and guide mentees, who are younger classmates. This network can provide education and extend social bonds. Most universities in Seoul use this program. To tell the truth, girls need close interpersonal relationships to get a job. It is one way to find employment in high unemployment conditions. If only we could have something like this program at Yeungnam. Maybe it would be good for our students... Anyway, everybody is enthusiastic about finding a job.
   After the class, I go to Students?Building Cafeteria with my friends. I met my high school friend for the first time in a long time. We shout for joy. I felt a big a surprise! I felt that something had changed on her face. When I looked carefully, I noticed that she had plastic surgery. Wow! I Maybe she had her eyes and nose done. She has double eyelids, and a higher nose. Modern technology really lets us be artists with our faces! But it is pretty subtle. "The eyeline is so pretty!" I was envious and jealous. After all, a girl should first of all be beautiful! "I want to be pretty and beautiful! Why is my nose low, and why are my eyelids so thick?" We should be able to have plastic surgery, anytime and anywhere, without feeling shame. So many women are jealous of my friend after her plastic surgery because she has become more pretty. 
Women that have not had plastic surgery sometimes say, she is pretty because of the surgery. If I had an operation, I would also be beautiful? Anyhow, she is beautiful now. Few women have not had plastic surgery. In any case, we parted after our brief meeting.
   I went to the computer room after lunch. At home, I had seen clothes on the internet. Now at school, I am buying them. Following today's fashion, I bought Masstige style and NewYorker style clothes. Many girls enjoy wearing foreign styles worn on the streets of NewYork. On my wish list are the foreigner style clothes worn by models on the internet site. "I hope I look attractive in these clothes! If I wear them, I will look like a NewYork woman."
  The girl enjoys decorating herself. On internet shopping sites, many girls and women buy clothes and shoes for themselves. It costs a great deal for a woman to decorate herself. She has buy to clothing, shoes, and bags. Men have a much easier time. They need not buy shoes or bags, or change their clothing style. I think this way, and maybe many women agree with me.
   At noon, after my morning class, I met my boyfriend. We have been going together for over one year. My boyfriend has to go to the army before long. So, the remaining time is valuable. People ask me, "Can you wait for him to return?" Frankly, they can't believe me when I say "Yes." I will try to wait for him. I worry about what I can do for him before he goes to the army.
   After I finish class, I go to the restroom to do my make up. Even though we have been going together for over one year, I still want to be pretty for my boyfriend. Women always want to look pretty and innocent for their boyfriends, even if they feel that they are not this like this.
When my boyfriend called, I didn't answer the first time. After five minutes, he called again. This time, I answered the phone in an innocent voice and said that I didn't now that he had just called me.
   I met my boyfriend. It was as nice as ever. I always love him. "Women only think of their lover and don't see any other people? Maybe it is true for me too. Next, we ate, then went to a movie, then wandered about, and eventually came to the front of my apartment. On the road to goodbye. "Please don't say goodbye. I wish we could stop time." We part, and I miss him after saying goodbye.
   I don't call him. I let him call me first. Keep faithful! Women usually hide their feelings, and don't tell their boyfriends that they love them. If they say that love you, the boyfriend might run away. Every woman wants the man to feel close to them first because they feel uneasy. "Is it the psychology of a woman?" I finished the day saying that love you!

   The day of most university girls of is similar to this mine. They try to overcome the problem of low job rates job compared with the high success rate of men. And women spend time thinking about how they can look beautiful for themselves and others. Women buy clothes and shoes to give themselves presents. Also, women always want to be remembered by their boyfriend? first loves.
   These kinds of things are the concerns of 'the woman'. How about your life? What are you thinking these days, how do you spend your days, and what interests you?


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