Yeungnam University graduate school registration fee 'Bargain Sale'
Yeungnam University graduate school registration fee 'Bargain Sale'
  • Lee Jun-hui
  • 승인 2007.08.13 14:55
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    IN LAST NOVEMBER, YEUNGNAM university(Y.U) announced that school will make registration fee low 45% for entering to graduate school from 2006. So entering upon persons that can enter to graduate school by paying. This is the result of that university students tend to dislike to go to graduate school because of expensive registration fee and go to capital region graduate school, so local graduate school existence has been threatened.
   The case of human knowledge society graduate school, registration fee was about 2,840,000 won in a last year term. But from next year it will be about 1,560,000 won as same level as national graduate school. It costed about 3,410,000 won in a last year term that registration fee of engineering graduate school. From next year, It costs 2,050,000 won. These are about a half price compared with fee of last year. Y.U expects to gather graduate school entering upon person who hesitate to go to local graduate school. Secretary public relations tea! m of Y.U says "Graduate school entering upon persons are under 30%~40% even in Seoul National University graduate school. Even In this situation, entering upon persons for graduate school tend to go to graduate school around national capital region or national graduate school. So registration fee lowering in Y.U can beckon with the hand graduate school entering upon person on to Y.U." 

  To let Y.U students know this events, the school is doing many publicity activities to student. One of them, graduate school professor are giving information about registration fee lowering to students who hesitate to enter to graduate school because of high price. And to strengthen competitive power of local graduate school, Y.U is propelling many reform bills such as cutting the  personal, unification of department with other university's. 
    After enforcing this work, applicants for graduate school will take much benefits. Y.U graduate school will open for the first time "Cognition science and graduate course" aimed at graduate school in Kyongsang-bukdo, This is a rising curriculum, chosen by 'Future, a Country Bright Prospect Technology' operated by philosophy, psychology, linguistics, neurology, computer engineering cooperation process. From 2006, many students can take a course. Also school decided to build dormitory for graduate school entering upon students' personal use possible to accommodate about 130 people and one room apartment way dormitory life .
  However, there are not only benefits. Now it's the situation that Almost graduate school departments of Y.U don't reach the regular number so graduate school even advertise for students who may be not on the standard. In this situation there are comments that registration fee lowering, the method for activating local graduate school, is not basic method such as capable professor disposition but only pursuing to reach the regular number. Also it could be worried registration fee burden as a result of lowering fee for graduate school can make finance burden. Then graduate school registration fee lowering could be evaluate! d to bad impression rather than qualitative elevation.
    It is expected Y.U to make entering upon students for graduate school come to graduate school of Y.U. Therefore, to make this work successfully, there will be a lot of PR and publicity activities to draw student's interests. We expected Y.U to reform as local graduate school through registration fee lowering.

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