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Each correct answer to the puzzle can be found in this magazine
Good Luck to You!
Please send your answers to the 270st puzzle
to the YNO office by May 21, 2004.

Look For the Word
1. 'Hikikomori' was called the reclusive loners in Korea. Most reclusive loners have experienced the breakup of their families, were outsiders and overprotected children during the adolescent period
2. The reclusive loners have some common features.
3. Actually, I focus on globalization, so the name is easy to pronounce  and the name is also a familiar sound.
4. I think that they tried to make basic accessories without a sound financial basis, so I must import many accessories from France even though the price is more than four times the domestic price.
5. By using the internet education system where one can only hear the professor's lecture we miss one important point
6. Flashmob is a compound word made by joining the expression Flash Crowd and Smart Mob together.
7. A Smart Mob is when a crowd of people meet to partake in a technological, sociological or political demonstration after being contacted by an anonymous person by e-mail or cell phone to be given the instructions.
8. Recently some anxiety has risen over Flashmobs because citizens may become inconvenienced as a result of an event taking place.
9. The event, which consists of both ancient and modern ideas, is expected to have big effect both in and outside of the Yeungnam University campus. 
10. For the spring exhibit, YUM has prepared not only a replica of one of the original Tombs
11. Many citizens are becoming more socially active, and as a result, they have helped to improve Korean society in many way.
12. Korean citizens need to face a new direction in terms of social change.


Answers to the last puzzle
Kwon Jae-hwan (Junior, Department of English Education)
Lee Jung-rae (Sophomore, School of Political Science &Public Administration)
Pak Jin-kyeong (Junior, School of Chemical Engineering & Technology)
Park Jin-kyu (Junior, School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)

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