Be proud of YU
Be proud of YU
  • Bae Hye-jin
  • 승인 2007.08.13 14:22
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   IN KOREA, A GROWING problem is that many young people (15~29years old) do not have employment. According to the Kyunghyang newspaper, last year the number of jobs decreased by about two hundred thousand. Also, they reported that the number of young people without employment is a very high number (4,798,000 people). According to these facts, a new phrase was created, half of the twenties without employment.

 Yeungnam University (YU) has many graduates but all of them do not obtain jobs.  One YU student said, ?irst, it is difficult to find jobs because YU is far from Seoul. Seoul has 50% of Koreas capital and there are also many companies there. It is not easy for us to collect information about these companies. The second reason is YU is a local university?  YU is called a low-grade university by students and other people.

   In the past time, YU did not have a low ranking. There are many renowned seniors who have graduated from our school. YU received a sixth place ranking number by CEO? (Chief Executive Officer) in 100 companies. Many seniors have become high-ranking government employees. The reason YU became a low ranking university is that there is no connection with seniors and the present students. Many professors at YU said, ?e need to connect our famous seniors with the current YU students.? To overcome our weaknesses, students need to change their fixed idea that YU is a  low grade university. We should be proud of YU. There are many programs, for example, Window to the World, a student exchange program and so on, to help students develop their abilities.

  YU is not other people? school. It is Our school. NOW is the time to recover our fame and be proud of both our past achievements and those yet to come. 

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