Debate Teaches Me a Lot
Debate Teaches Me a Lot
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   WHEN I WAS A freshman, I could learn many things from UCEP, which means that Ultra Care English Program). There were many kinds of programs such as one on one, Q.L camp, vacation intensive program, debate class and so on. Among these program, to me, debate was the best! Among UCEP students, teachers choose 14 students and then, after practice time, teachers and Doctor Joo select final four debate members. Final four members can go America and they will take part in debate tournament there. I really wanted to be final memeber so I did my best. Because debate deal with world's or American hot issues, news papers and Internet materials are important. Anyway after one month, final four members were selected. I was one of the debate team members. I could not believe it I was so happy, I was proud of myself and really thanks to my mom, Doctor Joo teachers and every one. Winter vacation came. We, four members received full-scale debate education from Nandi, who is our coach. Every day we debated we changed the topics researched and studied about the topics. During this training period, sometimes I was exhausted because all the topics and contents were English But Nandi was kind and nice to us, Shegun, who is our teacher told us that interesting schedule of the trip and other three members helped me a lot.These things made me encouraging. After three weeks we leaved Korea and toward the U.S.A. After long time, we arrived at SanFrancisco international airport. There were various kinds of people, I felt that 'Ah~! this is real America.' And I decided that in here America, I surely will show our Korean power. In America during one week, every night, we practiced debate, visited some universities , Yosemite national park and so on. We had such a good time. Finally the day came to us, we went to the Pacific university to take part in the tournament. There were about 20 teams but our team was only non American team. So we were nervous, but other team members helped us with bright smile. So we could be encouraged. Even though our speech is a little bit unskillful compared with American student, but we spoke our opinion logically and stately.

As a result we did good job and got better score than we expected. Besides at time I could see American student's passion and bravery. When they debate, they are serious, logical and confident. In America, debate is a kind of culture and common. I think debate makes people clever. Because debate has rules, etiquette and it requires logical, creative thinking and abundant common sense, etc. So through debate process people can learn how do they listen to other person's opinion critical and also how do they respect other person. Moreover people can think very logically, creatively. So personally, I hope that our Korea also has debate culture. In any case I had good memories with all the things, which are related debate, and to be brilliant debater. I will always do my best!

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