iriver is Booming World -Wide!!
iriver is Booming World -Wide!!
  • Jung Jin-a
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   EVERYONE LIKES to listen to music and most people don't live without music. In the 1970's the guitar was especially popular on campus. We often saw students strolling through campus with an "MP3", Walkman or CD player. Nowadays, many students use an MP3  made by iRiver. iRiver is the best in efficiency and design, and the most popular. Yang Duk-jun is the president of iRiver and is a graduate of Yeungnam University (YU).

Q How did you come to create the name "iRiver"?
A The initial 'i' comes from the word "internet" and then I added on 'river'. A river of the internet. Actually, I focus on globalization, so the name is easy to pronounce  and the name is also a familiar sound.

Q What was your focus in this area?
A During my school days, I liked all kinds of technical things, so I assembled all kinds of machinery in my house. At first, I hoped to make a beauty product. But I gave up that dream. Then I started working on semiconductors in the SAMSUNG Company. I  worked at SAMSUNG for several years. I wanted to produce a semiconductor directly on my own after I left the company.

IFP-1000: color camera+MP3
Q What do you think are the main factors resulting in your success?
A I targeted the internet users, I concentrated my energies on internet marketing. Accordingly, I  focused on the homepage for advertisements and publicity. I strived to make it easy and friendly for custumers to buy our goods, and that this should be done by making  small and medium enterprises. And I gave my custumers my caring and concern. MP3 is a portable multimedia system. We choose  electric home appliances initially. This was our focus for about ten years. But MP3 was not part of that endeavor. Of course, MP3 emphasizes efficiency, but the main thing is that it suits me. MP3 is like a fashionable wristwatch. So we employed, not a technical expert, but a computer geek (someone who is known to sit up all night at a PC room). For example, a technical expert talks about the strong points of certain goods. Computer geeks say, "Uh? Why is this button here? If this button is on the left, it's much more convenient. An earphone is more convenient the right side than on the left side. Etc.." They are different from technicians in what they see. 

Q What are the strategies for international and domestic marketing?
A So many people use the Internet. We  issue  updates to people on goods, new products, events, etc.. Many companies make MP3's, but only iRiver makes profits on the MP3. MP3 itself is not the 'golden goose'. The issue is not " What to do, but how to do." In addition, we make our product with our spirit.

Q Have you ever suffered from trial and error?
A I was disappointed in KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). I think that they tried to make basic accessories without a sound financial basis, so I must import many accessories from France even though the price is more than four times the domestic price. I think iRiver will be the best if we have  engraving techniques of several metal patterns like curtain designs.  Then, we will be able to design much better.

 Q Do you have any advice to YU students?
A First, life doesn't progress according a plan. A successful life is not without failure. Accept the challenge to do anything - without fear!!

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