LOVE: Magic of the Body and Mind
LOVE: Magic of the Body and Mind
  • Lee Dong-hyun
  • 승인 2007.08.13 10:58
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  WHAT HAS COEXIST-ed with us since the beginning of human existence? LOVE. For example, parental love, fraternal love, friendship, love between men and women and so on. Above all, the most interesting kind of love to us is  between men and women. As you know, TV, movies and popular songs deal with the subject of love. We like talking and learning about love.
   So, what reasons do we have to be in love? There is a book Why do fools fall in love? which tells us about this. ?he answer is people don't know anything better than love. Love is our breath and reason for life. Great pleasure can be taken from love, while suffering and despair exists. However, there is nothing we can do but fall in love, because, there is nothing that exists that is as good as love. Certainly, we can never live without love in the world.?Because of this, there is no doubt that love is a necessary thing to humans.  So then, when we fall in love, why do we feel such pleasure? What effect do these emotions have on us physically and mentally? 
  Above all, when we fall in love we become more attractive. Scientists have suggested that the hyphophysis secretes a sex hormone like estrogen when we fall in love, that makes the circulation of our blood smoother and our skin softer. The organs that control our feelings of love are consisted of the thalamus, the thalamus's lower part, and the hyphophysis in the brain. Love creates dopamine that is a material of the nerves that controls our endorphins. These activate autonomic nerves, secreted by hormones, which promote the action of internal organs. Dopamine therefore becomes vital to our appearance and helps us to gain color naturally. The most important thing is that when someone falls in love, even if they are lazy, they still are concerned about their appearance. Therefore, someone in love will have a good, natural look.
   If endorphin secretion increases, stress hormones will decrease.  Besides, endorphins maintain balance of the body, and prevent unnecessary fat accumulation and appetite. Naturally you become slimmer. Maybe you heard that, 'one's stomach is full even though he doesn't eat.' This is true. It has been scientifically proven that you lose the feeling of hunger when you think about your sweetheart, because of euphoria. If you are filled with desire for love, you will not have the desire to eat. According to the results of a research in America, our brain is organized like this. It is very surprising, isn't it? 
  When we are in love with someone, our emotions change step by step. Each step secretes a hormone such as dopamine, phenylethylamine and endorphin. Following each hormone's secretion, our feelings change from passionate to stable. First, dopamine secretes the feeling of interest. At this time, we feel happiness just by looking at our lover. In the past, when people felt unpleasant, they could feel better just by looking at their lover. Next, when you fall in love, phenylethylamine is secreted. It functions as a natural stimulant that stimulates the central nervous system. At this time, we become "fools in love," and  our ardor can be hard to control rationally. Now, do you want to embrace your sweetheart? Then maybe you will fall in love. Lastly, when endorphins are secreted, you become emotionally stable and are considerate of each other.  Endorphins are a kind of narcotic that relieve pain, and bring us happiness and pleasure. At this time, you experienced the feel of pleasure to your body and spirit.
   Now that you have become ripe for love with each other, you want to affirm your love. You want to "express your love" so to speak, through kissing and having sex. First, the kiss is an important step in becoming intimate with and trusting your lover. In the movie 'Pretty Woman,' Julia Roberts, a prostitute in the movie, permits everything except kissing. This shows how important kissing is. According to an American study report, people who have romantic kisses regularly live about five years longer than those who do not. We secrete saliva when we kiss a lover on the mouth, so arguments have developed about the immunity ability of our saliva. Moreover, saliva prevents acidifiers in the mouth. Through just a slight kiss, we can consume about three calories, and French kisses, about twelve calories. Therefore, just a kiss will be a great help to dieting.
   The final step of confirming love between men and women is sex. Sex means that he and she are one physically and mentally. Also, it can be a very special present to one another if the couple couldn't feel a deep emotional connection previously. If you have sex, dopamine and beta-endorphins are secreted. They activate autonomic nerves, promote blood circulation and hormone secretion. Over all, dopamine and beta-endorphins promote progressive functioning of the internal organs in your body. Women who have been having sex have double the estrogen concentration than women who haven't been having sex. It creates softer skin and brings euphoria to people, such as the feeling of satisfaction and a sense of stability, because of being united with another person. So they become lively and have glossy hair. Sex relieves physical pain and makes a strong heart. Sex prevents and treats melancholia, while bringing long life.
Thus, love between men and women has many merits. However, too much expression of physical love will bring about injuries to our health physically and mentally. "Moderate expression of love is a benefit, but on the contrary, too much expression of love will be a poison. As you know, you are already an adult. If you act rashly, you should have to be responsible for your actions. This is very important, and you must always remember. In conclusion, the most important thing is to draw a clear limit line in your expression," said Lee Jong-bum, Professor from the College of Medicine at Yeungnam University.
   Always remember that moderate expression of love helps your health physically and mentally. Always follow the golden rule of love and you will remain happy.

Love is....
Crying for your lover. Often smiling, sometimes crying, lastly longing.
Do not exist eternally in the world. If it is possible to exist, it might be LOVE.
Just like lovers in every respect.
Love is happiness, there is nothing for it to do but to flutter.
If you can have love, you can do anything.
Love is looking in the same direction but not seeing  face to face.
Love's temporary magic gives women sight  through their lover.
Love is a newly risen religion.
Every lover sees a thousand graces in a beloved object.
Love is not finding an ideal type but making oneself an ideal type.

Popular dialogs in movies:

Love means never having to say you're sorry. -Love Story-
It's amazing Moll,. the love inside you take it with you. -Ghost-
If you do not love me, I love you enough for both us. -For whom The Bell Tolls-
The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just love and to be in love in return. -Moulin Rouge-
It's awful not to be loved, it's the worst thing in this world. -East of Eden-
You make me want to be a better man. -As Good As It Gets-
Love is all you need. -I Am Sam-
I've fallen in love. I'm very sick. But I want to stay sick. -Il Postino (The Postman)-
All my memory was filled with things about you. -Natural City-
I want you, I hope to stay with you and my dreams become a part of you.
-The Bridges Of Madison County-
Here's looking at you. -Casablanca-

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