Finding Ideas of the Ancients
Finding Ideas of the Ancients
  • Yang Dong-hyun
  • 승인 2007.08.13 10:50
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  GREET THE SPRING AT Yeungnam University's Museum (YUM).  This spring, YUM is opening an exhibit of an ancient Chinese temple, which housed tombs of the Mu family, a popular and important family name in the Han era in China. This exhibition will run for one month starting April 4th and closing June 4th.
   Kim Yoon-kyung, the Event Manager at YUM, said that it was YUM? Curator, Kim Yong-sung who made this exhibit possible.  Kim Yong-sung studied the temples ruins and created the replica of the original temple and the replica of one of the Mu tombs.
   The Mu graves are famous for their material, which is sandbank stone.  The remains of the Tombs are located in the North/Western town, Mu Tac San, in China. These tombs include two graves that were made in the Han era.  At the temples site, many remains were found of sandbank stone and are now part of what we call, 'The Mu Stone Carvings Group.  These carvings are nationally protected, and considered important historical artifacts in China.
"This Mu grave of temper mural painting was originally made by carving stone. We can see hints of the ancient's ideas in the painting, reflecting a time when Taoism was widely accepted and practiced. The ancients believed that when people died they would transcend into another world. They presented their Taoist ideas in their wall paintings, each of the four directions representing a new idea,?said Kim Yong-sung.
   For the spring exhibit, YUM has prepared not only a replica of one of the original Tombs, but has also included photographs of authentic rubbings of the graves. Kim Yong-sung stated that, "The theme of the exhibition is: 'Utopia: Which was carved in stone,' and is expected to be a big help for students who major in Archeology or Visual arts."
   The event, which consists of both ancient and modern ideas, is expected to have a big effect both in and outside of the Yeungnam University campus.

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