Two Directions
Two Directions
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   There is a man standing at the center of an idea, divided by two directions. He can go either direction among the two, but he cannot overlook the crowd surrounding him. He may want them to notice his decision about whether he goes right or left.
   Everybody wants to express his or her opinion to the public. Whether people agree or not, everyone needs to speak his or her personal opinions. One person? opinion can be the foundation of a whole group. As the group gets larger and larger, it may become a popular movement across a whole nation.
   As you know, there are always counter-movements that go against the original vogue.  Some people call these counter-movements negative trends but I dont think they are negative trends just because they contradict the previous vogue. Counter-movements simply represent the other direction of the two ways. Some people like to put apples on their kitchen table, while others dont. It is all a matter of personal opinion. The reason why people insist that there are specific morning person qualities is because they admire and want to have those morning person qualities. A person who doesnt agree with the special qualities of a morning person may insist that being an evening person is best, because they identify with the qualities of an evening person. It is just the other side of the idea. 
   All people should be free to express their opinions. The important thing to remember about becoming a popular movement or a vogue is, however, what direction people choose and there must be two directions, right and left.

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