In What Direction Are Korean Citizens Facing?
In What Direction Are Korean Citizens Facing?
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    Recently, Korean citizens power has increased considerably, compared to the past. In the past, many people were restricted and their rights were ignored as a result of having a dictatorship government. People could not enforce their own beliefs.  Today however, citizens have the power to bring change and to increase their right to freedom.
   Many citizens are becoming more socially active, and as a result, they have helped to improve Korean society in many ways. Thoughts on public demonstrations have changed drastically, and are therefore becoming more acceptable in Korea.  Korean people are beginning to participate in non-violent demonstrations, such as candle light vigils for example, which have started to generate a revolution in society. We have seen this in the recent Impeachment of President Roh, in the protection of Laborer Rights, and in the growing awareness of Environmental Issues.  But as citizens of Korea, is this all that we can do to make changes in society? I think the answer is no.  Peaceful demonstrations are one good way of exercising our power as citizens, but there is still much more we can do to bring positive changes to our country.
   By working together on a grassroots level with other citizens, and by using the power of our voices, we can have laws passed or amended to higher and better standards. Korean citizens need to face a new direction in terms of social change.  We can exercise our power by openly expressing our opinions, and by taking an active role in the laws of our country.  In doing this, we will finally see where the real power exists for citizens in a democratic state.

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