How I can create my own state of mind
How I can create my own state of mind
  • Pak Hyeon-ju
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First: Fragrance    Second: Music    Third: Taste

♬ The music that reduces your feelings of uneasiness
Dance Hongroise  - Johannes Brahms   Mazurka prelude - F. Chopin

♬ The music that promotes your brain activity when you study
Pavane -Faure, Gabriel Urbain Traumerei - Schuman
Le quattro stagioni: Autumn - Vivaldi, Autonio
Fantasie Impromptu in C Sharp minor op.66 - F.Chopin

♬ When you want to take a rest for about 10 minutes
From the new world -Dvorak Autonin 
Orphee aux enfer-Offenbach, Hacques

♬ When you feel tense and can't concentrate
Dream and Dance of the Morning Mist -Aladdin
Reflets dans l'eau -Debussy, Achille Claude

♬ The music with which you want to relieve your pain
The flower of waltz in the nutcracker - Pyotr Il'ch Chaikovskii and The song of morning by Edward Elgar

♬ When you can't fall asleep
Minuet - Ludwig van Beethoven,

Romance of Eine Kleine Nachtnusik  -Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Prelude No.15 p flat Major G raindrops - F. Chopin

♬ When you feel melancholy
Early One Morning - Lasley Pearson
Le quattro stagoini: Spring - Vivaldi A

Great - Franz Peter Schubert

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