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Each correct answer to the puzzle can be found in this magazine
Good Luck to You!
Please send your answers to the 269th puzzle to the YNO office by April 23, 2004.

1. The numbers of the site organized the cafe to express that warming hearts is more important than appearance.
2. Negative trends might be seen as phenomenons that go against general trends.
3. His music includes many of the CFs and the original sound tracks for dramatic movies.
4. In the past, from the 1960s to the 1980, our citizens were suppressed by  despotic governments.
5. Second, the problem is that most web sites are administered anonymously.
6. Netizens for a specific boundary and their user-base is limited.
7. The miracle was actualized by citizens.
8. The Korean railroad has continued to change, as society creates new things to elevate our standard of living.
9. Following is a chart that shows the times and fee for the KTX train.
10. Because of this, IL has advanced considerably but people are still wondering of IL is a good program.
11. The important point to remember is that the IL program is constantly improving, and the merits are at a maximum.
12. "It is very deplorable that society is little removed from illegality and corruption of all social standings "

Answers to the last puzzle

Moon Seong-shil (Sophomore, Department of English Language & Literature)
Choi Ye-jin (Junior, School of Chemical Engineering and Technology)

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