Trends ≒ Negative Trends
Trends ≒ Negative Trends
  • Lee Dong-hyun
  • 승인 2007.08.10 15:11
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 ALOT OF FASHION has existed in Korean society.    For example, there is the culture of rooms such as PC room, board  game cafe rooms, so-ju rooms etc There are many syndromes that exist here. There is the rich syndrome (people believe that anybody can become rich), lottery of lotto(dreaming of winning the lottery), having the  hottest-face and body(They become a star on-line)and so forth. In 2004, Well-being and 'Morning person' (precondition of successful person about their fields)are fashioned newly.     However, recently, people who want to express their personality against these fashions are increasing. They don't want to do the same things as others. So, they want to have unique and special goods. Among them, someone who denies 'Morning person' insist that they can also be a 'Night person'. They assert that if we spend efficient evenings we can have success in our lives even though we don't get up early.
   There are other examples like the 'Broken face' and 'Hottest mind' sites on the internet. While the 'Hottest face' syndrome has boomed, the 'Broken face' site has appeared and is as popular as 'Hottest face' site. A representative cafe named  jeon-ul-ryun ( from October. to February, the number of members in the cafe were only 80, but just after fifteen days, the members increased up to fifty thousand. Also, there is the site 'Hottest mind' which is about sharing members' warm heart. The members of the site organized the cafe to express that warming hearts is more important than appearance. 
  If that's the case, why the opposite trend phenomenon take place?
"In the past, Korea had a uniform civilization under the authoritative military affairs culture. As 'Long hair' fashion, a phenomenon of cultures spread out around the nation at large. But, various subordinate cultures had appeared as Westernization and the open-door policy in Korea came about. Due to the opening of the country to foreign cultures, people's consciousness had changed and many people wanted to express their personalities accordingly. So, a lot of fashion was issued. Also, the power of the various medias such as TV, radio, and the Internet, had influence on the flow of fashion. The media reports continuously focused on just unique things for their commercials. As a result, people accepted that unconditionally and it became a whole social fashion though it was just one of the cultures. For the reason, someone who was interested in other cultures could not help but raise the standard of revolt about all the vogue. It is for this reason negative trends could not occur." said Ju Hyeong-il, a professor of The Department of Social Sciences.
   In this manner, people want to have their peculiar articles and try to express their own characters the way they want. 
   So, what do people think of someone who creates their own vogue?
"I think negative trends themselves are contradictions. Negative trends might be seen as  phenomenons that go against general trends. But surely, they are not different from normal trends. Negative trends also excite people's interests and vogues in society. Therefore, it is just one of the other many trends in our society." Park Hyo-geun, Kyung-pook National University student said. "I could just as well be a person who asserted the negative trends. Because I always I wanted to do the contrasting vogue in society. However, I also felt awkward with negative trends. In other words, negative trends look like another trend." Kim Sang-min, Yeungnam University student said.
   People want to have different feelings and thoughts and be able to manifest them externally. So, the number of people who find their respective characters theirselves are increasing. Is this not also another phenomenon of trends?

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