The Meaning of Love
The Meaning of Love
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   Nowadays,  people are  confused about  the  meaning  of  love.  They  think  that  love  is  sympathy,  comfort  and  yearning.  a  They  feel  love  when they are always together, seeing  each  other every day.  But, that  is  not  love. So, what then is the meaning of  love?  We  find the  answer  in the  experience of one girl.  She  loved  him  for  six  years.  One  day  he  wanted  to  break  up  with  her. In keeping with t his wishes,  she was out of his life.
   Today's young people  fall  in  love so easily,  and  break  up just as   easily. Often, after  2  or  3   years,  they  are  bored with each  other  and  they no longer feel so wonderful with their  sweetheart. They may even feel a vague anxiety when they are together.  Love is a process. It is made by him and her, together.  So, when love fails, and the couple breaks up, one or both of them may decide to stay away from love for a while.  If you find yourself  falling  in  love,  you  must keep each other happy, stay by their side, and care about teach other.  That  is   pure  love.

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