The Real Meaning of The Fourteenth Day
The Real Meaning of The Fourteenth Day
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   In Korea, there are many days such as Valentine's Day, White Day, Rose day, Hug day and so on. These are informal days but we commemorate them. The purpose of these days is for people to give thanks to each other and express their love. However, we just spend money on these days. For example, on Rose Day, girls think , "Oh! I have to prepare rose and present for my boy friend." Because most people buy expensive present and rose, other people also follow them and buy big and expensive gifts. I think that we can express our love in a different way by showing our true heart.
    Another problem with the day is that most people just consider their boyfriend or girl friend. Actually, after the Rose day last year, my seniors asked me and my friends, "Among you guys, who gave rose to your parents yesterday?" There are nine people but no one answered ! At that time I realized I was wrong and I was so embarrassed.  So I've reconsidered about Rose Day.
    The most important thing is our attitude and mind. Following other people without thinking isn't right. So starting next year I will consider my parents, first, and I will pass the days meaningfully! Do you think you should reconsider Rose Day, too?

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