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Kil Sung-kyu Branch manager of KYOBO

   HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CONFUS-ed about what you should say when you meet your ideal person? Have you ever been struck dumb when you have to ask a question in a conference?
   In order to develop criticism ability, we have to ask  questions frankly and  we should  have an ascendancy over them, while persuading the other person. This book shows us what the best way  to ask  what method is good and what kind of question is the best.
   So, if you read this book you could improve your ability to converse. And you will find yourself with the ability to attract someone's attention.



The Korea of you

AN AUTHOR, PROFESSOR PARK Noh-ja said, "It is very deplorable      that society is little removed from illegality and corruption of all social standings."
   When you shouldn't accept reality as it is, you need  materials for study. But  after Iread, it was more deplorable. However, it is not all hopeless. Don't we have a passionate youth?
   As  Korean youths, we have to appreciate those who put forth every ounce of their energies.


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