We love Yiruma
We love Yiruma
  • Yang Dong-hyun
  • 승인 2007.08.10 14:45
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DO YOU REMEMBER THE WONDERFUL music in the animation movie,'Doggy Poo' and in the drama, 'Winter Sonata'? That sweet music is done by Yiruma. His music includes many of the CFs and the original sound tracks for dramatic movies. So, his music is well-known to Koreans. Yiruma was born into a family that had a great love of music.  He went to England at the age of 11  and graduated from the  School of Composition at King's College of London. Since that time he has gained great fame  as a New-age musician

Q  What is the reason you have the name  "Yiruma"?
A  The name  "Yiruma" means "a dream come true" in Korean.

Q  You said your music is not so much New-age as a semi-classical. Explain the difference between the  two.
A  Strictly speaking, there isn't any difference. However, in general, New-age  music has some spiritual focus. And this is  most likely to originate from Christianity. So, I call my music semi-classic.

Q  Let's talk about what  the difference is between Korean New-age music and    English version.
A  Korean New-age music consists mostly of  piano performances, on the other hand, English New-age music includes songs and some deep meanings.

Q  What is your favorite piece of all your music, and for what reason?
A  I like 'May be'  the best because the music is joyful and I love May. So I composed this music with my best feelings

Q  Most of the your music is based on love. Please give us your opinion about the question,"What kind of love do I want?"
A  I want to love in a way that will never lead  to regrets, that is, I want to give her    everything I possibly can.

   After the interview, he never missed the opportunity to give an advice to people who are studying music, advice such as, 'It is most important to find your style.' While he answered the questions sincerely, he seems just an ordinary  musician He said that he wants to study composition  more deeply and will  continue to compose. In his apparent of love for music, he brings true happiness into our lives.

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