Dormitory Life
Dormitory Life
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   When I was a freshman at Yeungnam, I had the amazing opportunity of living in a dormitory close to campus. There were many wonderful aspects to living in residence, and I really enjoyed my time living there.
   First, I met many new friends, not only from my department but from all over campus. It was also interesting meeting students from all over the country, and not just from this area of Korea. Another great thing about living if residence was, that I learned many new things about student life and about how to study effectively through the help of my older roommate. But my greatest memories of dorm life were during the annual campus-wide festivals that take place in the spring, and in the autumn at Yeungnam. Male and female students living in dormitories go on a trip to the mountains and to the sea where they can cook and play games with together. My friends and I had so much fun last year!
   I really enjoyed living in the dormitory, and I miss the comforts of dorm life. I now live at my aunt's house, and have to travel to school from her place. I miss living so close to school, and close to all of my very good friends I met during my year living in residence.
   If you are living in a dorm this year, I hope you enjoy your year, and I hope that you have many good experiences while living there.

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